Let's change the consumer experience, together.


We are a family of human-centric media brands.

We have a bold vision to reinvent the consumer experience.

Every day, consumers are becoming more mindful of how money is spent, while consumer brands are looking for help to understand new consumer needs. We aim to sit between those two worlds. For consumers, we're establishing standards to make quality measurable and ease decision-making by curating the best possible experience. For brands, we're helping them understand how to make better, not more.

While we have been at it for years, it still feels like we are just getting started.


Our companies aim to positively change the ways we interact with the everyday world.

Empowering people to be the best version of themselves runs through everything we do and we’re building our brands from the ground up to make good on that ideal. Our business model is a new take on an old one: lead generation—connecting customers to great products and services. It means we don't have to serve ads, but we get to pick the right partners for the right content.

The Simple Dollar

A daily guide for finding an authentic life in the space between wealth, success, money and lifestyle.

A catalog of better living that studies the best products and services that impact everyday life.

The Best of Everything™



Daily inspiration and advice for those who are seeking to improve, organize and style their homes.

Our team isn't afraid to make big bets.

We are explorers, athletes, and makers that work together, eat together, and play together.

We’re not afraid to work harder than everyone else, because we know the impact we can make. We believe in ourselves and work outside of our habits. We know when to speak up and never procrastinate. We educate each other and learn from experience. We know who we are and who we are not. We own our failures as much as our successes. We find inspiration everywhere. We share. We play. We compete.



To get where we’re going, we need some help from the world’s best. As with everything we do at Soda, we’re not interested in shortcuts. We're looking for the rare folks that know what it means to hustle, lets their work do their talking, and thinks that hand-holding gives them cooties. If that sounds like you, apply for a position below. If you don't see your role, we'd still love to hear from you.


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