You’re here because you want the best.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.
— Pablo Picasso

We’ve got a vision we believe in, a solid plan for executing it, and we’re growing in a big way. As with everything we do at Soda, we’re not interested in shortcuts. To get where we’re going, we need some help from the world’s best Content & Editorial, Marketing & Communications, Technology & Product, and Operations people.


Best work gear

Healthy snacks

Education reimbursement

Profit sharing


Flexible schedule

Top-tier Compensation

Gym membership

Events and conferences

Downtown Seattle


Now it’s decision time. Love our mission? Want a role where learning isn’t a dirty word, adapting quickly is a daily task, and obsession is praised? We believe in people that know what it means to hustle, think hand-holding gives you cooties, and let their work do the talking. If that sounds like you, welcome aboard.