Soda is an organization of leaders. We believe in order to get where we want to go, leadership will need to be the cornerstone of our existence. Zenger Folkman perfectly describes leadership in the same way that we view it. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we embrace Zenger Folkman 16 Leadership Competencies and strive to become excellent in all areas of leadership. While none of us come even close to being the perfect leader, we strongly value these competencies and behaviors and work hard each day to improve in all areas of leadership.

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1. Exhibits Technical & Professional Expertise

  • Stay up to date in the field

  • Demonstrate technical, functional, and job-specific knowledge required for assignments

  • Be sought out for opinions, advice, and counsel

  • Make a significant contribution toward achieving team goals through knowledge and skills

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2. Practices Self Development

  • Make constructive efforts to change and improve based on feedback from others

  • Learn from both success and failure

  • Model self-development and embrace its value

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3. Establishes Stretch Goals

  • Build Commitment with all employees on team goals and objectives

  • Promote a spirit of continuous improvement

  • Maintain High Standards of performance

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4. Communicates Powerfully & Broadly

  • Communicate clearly and concisely

  • Give clear, understandable instructions to employees and others

  • Skillfully communicate new insights

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5. Develops Strategic Perspective

  • Know how work relates to the organization’s business strategy

  • Balance the short-term and long-term needs of the organization

  • Demonstrate forward thinking about tomorrow’s issues

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6. Champions Change

  • Act as a change agent—strongly support the continual need to change

  • Become a champion for projects or programs, presenting them so that others support them.

  • Be an effective marketer for work group projects, programs, or products.

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7. Innovates

  • Consistently generate creative, resourceful solutions to problems

  • Constructively challenge the usual approach to doing things, and find new and better ways to do the job

  • Create a culture of innovation and learning that drives individual development

  • Build on other people’s suggestions and ideas. (Doing so often leads to new approaches and improvements)

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8. Displays Honesty & Integrity

  • Avoid saying one thing and doing another (i.e., walk the talk)

  • Follow through on promises and commitments

  • Model the core values

  • Lead by example

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9. Solves Problems & Analyzes Issues

  • Systematically evaluate information by using a variety of proven methods and techniques

  • Encourage alternative approaches and new ideas

  • See patterns and trends in complex data and use the patterns to outline a path forward

  • Clarify complex data or situations so that others can comprehend, respond, and contribute\

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10. Takes Initiative

  • Volunteer for Challenging assignments

  • Go above and beyond what needs to be done without being told

  • Have the confidence to initiate action independently

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11. Focuses on Results

  • Do everything possible to meet goals or deadlines

  • Consistently meet or exceed commitments

  • Aggressively pursue all assignments and projects until completion

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12. Builds Relationships

  • Deal effectively with people in order to get work accomplished

  • By trusted by work group members

  • Be approachable and friendly

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13. Inspires & Motivates Others

  • Have a personal style that helps to positively motivate others

  • Energize people to go the extra mile

  • Skillfully persuade others toward commitment to ideas or action

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14. Develops Others

  • Act as a coach or mentor to facilitate learning from experience

  • Give honest and candid feedback

  • Find stretch assignments for individuals which require them to achieve significant but realistic goals

  • Willingly share his/her time to help others develop.

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15. Collaborates & Fosters Teamwork

  • Promote a spirit of cooperation with other members of the work group

  • Champion an environment that supports effective teamwork

  • Have the trust and respect of the team

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16. Connects the Group to the Outside World

  • Know how to deliver products or services that delight customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations

  • Use knowledge and feedback from an external perspective to improve products or services

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