Soda’s mission is to set the standard for consumer focused online publishing.

We believe we can complete our mission by working with people that share our core values. Each one of the values below plays a role in the way we operate as individuals and as a company. We apply these values to all of our portfolio brands and they guide us through all of our decisions.

Soda’s Values


There are 16 competencies that represent our definition of leadership. As individuals, we work each and every day to become great leaders by continuously practicing and developing the 16 leadership competencies. These competencies transfer from each individual working at Soda into our products, tools, and editorial. As an organization, we want to lead the rest of the Internet to expect and demand excellence.


Integrity is the primary ingredient for raising the bar and setting the standard for anything. We expect every individual in our organization to tell the full truth all the time regardless of the consequence. However, just telling the truth isn't enough. We must also work hard to seek the truth, as it often hides. On our websites, we aim to provide our users with the most trustworthy content possible and always put integrity first. We challenge everything and are ready to change directions at the drop of a dime.


Being adaptable and agile is important for a number of reasons. For starters, the Internet is fast moving. The norm for online publishing 5 years from now will be nothing close to what it looks like today. Second; we are just getting started - which means we are a startup company. In any startup environment, things change fast. Lastly; closely aligned with our core value of Truth, we challenge everything constantly in an effort to seek the truth and the right path. If at any point we believe we are going down the wrong path, we do not hesitate to adapt and change directions.

Dedication & Hustle

We are on a very ambitious mission. Being a part of our team means that you are all in and ready to work extremely hard to accomplish that mission. Our responsibility to each other and to our users demands us to be highly responsive and always connected. We are dedicated to our users, partners, investors, advisors and most of all -- our mission.


No matter how well we do our jobs, it is never good enough. We are constantly working to raise the bar and better ourselves as individuals and as a company. If you look at any of our values, especially the leadership competencies, it is clear that no human could be perfect at all these values no matter how much you value them. We believe it is our responsibility to reflect on our values each and every day and constantly strive to become excellent within each competency of each value. Not only will this make us better people, but also a better, stronger company. Again, this transfers through to our portfolio brands and products. Each piece of content that we put out is the best we can make it, but we are always trying to figure out how to make it better.