17 New Fox Affiliates Coming to PlayStation Vue

As the streaming television landscape becomes more and more competitive, it’s important for providers to make sure they’re staying ahead of the competition. And in one crucial area, PlayStation Vue is taking a leap forward. The company announced today that they were adding over a dozen Fox affiliates from major markets around the country.

The new FOX stations being added to Vue are:

FOX 45 in Baltimore
FOX 8 in Cleveland-Akron (Canton)
FOX 28 in Columbus, Ohio
FOX 31 in Denver
FOX 61 in Hartford & New Haven, Connecticut
FOX 59 in Indianapolis
FOX 4 in Kansas City, Missouri
FOX 6 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
FOX 17 in Nashville, Tennessee
FOX 53 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FOX 12 in Portland, Oregon
FOX 40 in Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto
FOX 13 in Salt Lake City
FOX in San Antonio
FOX 5 in San Diego
FOX 13 in Seattle-Tacoma
FOX 2 in St. Louis

Deals with local networks are quickly becoming major factors in a very crowded streaming TV market. Since most service offer basically the same cable package, not having local channels could be a big disadvantage for a company. A deal with FOX was one of the first things Hulu secured for their new streaming service.

Vue has been quickly signing local affiliates, adding 27 CBS networks in January and securing rights to the “Big Four” within one year of launch (something most skinny bundles don’t have).

There’s a lot at stake for local stations, with some choosing to go the fully live route, and some going or an on demand style, pushing viewers to another app or website for live streaming. But three of the four major broadcast networks have reached agreements with affiliates, which should bring even more customers to web TV service.

Of course, we’re far from a scenario where all viewers have access to all their local networks streaming. But as more and more are added, these cable alternatives look more and more attractive.