With 2 Million Customers, Sling TV Is The Most Popular Cable Alternative

Thanks to a little data from media analytics firm ComScore, we finally have some real data about the popularity of skinny bundles. And it’s no surprise what company is on top.

In their recent report, State of OTT, ComScore revealed that based on total number of subscribers, Sling TV is the most popular alternative to cable with over 2 million subscribers, beating out rivals PlayStation Vue and DIRECTV NOW and newcomers YouTube and Hulu.

Of course, Netflix is still the king of streaming media, with subscribers watching over an hour and a half every single day on average. In somewhat of a surprise though, Hulu delivers more hours per month to their customers. But customers who have a skinny bundle more than double Netflix’s numbers, watching an average of over 5 hours a day.

It’s worth nothing though, that while Sling TV may have the most customers, DIRECTV NOW actually leads in total viewing hours. In homes that replaced a paid TV subscription with a skinny bundle, DIRECTV NOW subscribers watch over 80 hours of television a month. Sling averages just 69 hours, while Playstation Vue subscribers watch right at 57 hours a month.

The numbers for this study came from ComScore’s Total Home Panel, which measures streaming device usage and tracks content consumption in connected homes. The device is able to track virtually any OTT content provider, and currently measures media use in over 12,500 households and over 150,000 devices.

With a recent report saying that nearly 50% of cable subscribers could potentially cancel their service in the next six months, it’s interesting to see how the industry responds. If streaming television services can keep rolling out new features that not only meet, but pass what cable is doing, and do it for a price that’s just a fraction of the usual cost, expect the exodus to continue.