Stream 380 Bob Ross ‘Joy of Painting’ episodes free on Samsung TVs, other platforms coming next month

If you think the soothing tones of a frizzy-haired Bob Ross painting happy little trees sounds like just the remedy for these hectic times, you’re in luck.

Starting this week, 380 episodes of the iconic Joy of Painting series that ran from 1983 to 1994 will be available to stream for free on Samsung smart televisions. Other platforms will be able to stream the series next month.

The Bob Ross Channel is offered at no charge thanks to Cinedigm, the company that holds streaming rights for the artist’s content. The shows will be presented in order and will be ad-supported. As part of the agreement to carry the shows, Cinedigm will also produce commercials for official Bob Ross merchandise and painting supplies and messages showing support for public television.  

After about a month on Samsung TV Plus, the channel will open up to Roku on May 18 and then to even more services in the coming months.

The iconic painter passed away in the mid-90s but has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. His official YouTube channel has racked up well over 300 million views and a 2015 Twitch marathon drew 5.5 million viewers.

Whether you’re painting along or just letting Bob Ross lull you to sleep, there’s never a bad time for some Bob Ross.

Artie Beaty