$4 a month “PBS Documentaries” channel coming to Prime Video

If you’re a fan of PBS documentaries, you’ll be able to get your fill thanks to a new channel coming to Prime Video.

Starting August 4, the aptly titled “PBS Documentaries” channel will be available for purchase on top of your Amazon Prime subscription for $3.99 a month. The channel will have over 900 hours of content, including everything from Ken Burns entire collection (Baseball, The Statue of Liberty, The Civil War, The West, Lewis & Clark, Mark Twain, The National Parks, Country Music and more), to Nova, to American Masters, to American Experience and plenty of others.

“We had long hoped to be able to have all of our films available in one place,” said Burns, “so the public would have access to the body of work. We’re thrilled that this is now possible.”

PBS Documentaries will only be available in the U.S. The Ken Burns catalog will also be available through a $5 a month service called Passport, available to PBS members through their local stations.

This initiative is just the latest from PBS to attempt to bring their content to a new audience. The public access network also recently launched a PBS Kids and a PBS Living streaming channel in addition to their Masterpiece series. Since a lot of local PBS stations still rely on good old-fashioned fundraising to survive, the notion of moving their content to new platforms (and new revenue streams) is one that’s crucial at the moment.

Artie Beaty