’60 in 6,’ a shortened version of 60 Minutes, headed to Quibi

Leave it to Quibi, the “quick bites” streaming service, to find a way to shorten an hour.

Starting next week, subscribers to Quibi will be able to watch “60 in 6,” a news show that brings the long-time news program’s “in-depth reporting and investigative journalism to a new audience.” And despite the name, the actual runtime will be six to nine minutes.

Of course, there is the question of just how “in depth” a program under 10 minutes can be, but it appears each episode will have two segments, or about 3-4 minutes for each topic. Wesley Lowery from CBS News will host the program, but he’ll be joined by regular guests. New episodes will be available every Monday night.

If you’re not familiar with Quibi, a sub-10 minute version might seem odd, but content this short is their “thing.” The service is based on under 10-minute videos, designed to be watched on a mobile phone on the go. The service saw success right out of the gate, but sputtered quickly – and most people are still in their free trial period.

Quibi quickly changed their “mobile only” policy just a few weeks in at the request of fans, but it’s yet to be seen if that’s enough to save the service.

Artie Beaty