More Than 80% Of Young People Share Streaming Passwords

Most streaming services turn a somewhat blind eye to password sharing, and it seems like everyone does it. A new report though shows just how widespread the issue is. Spoiler: just about everyone really is, at least when it comes to the younger generation.

A new study from Hub Entertainment Research found that a whopping 80% of people age 13 to 24 have shared a password for a streaming services (that’s giving their password to someone or using someone else’s password). That number drops dramatically in the 35 and older group, where only 16% have shared a password.

Naturally, the most popular streaming service, Netflix, is the most commonly shared password. Just over 55% of 13 to 24 year olds admit to mooching off another Netflix account or letting someone use theirs. The brand new Disney+ service claimed the second spot though, with 31% of that same age group sharing logins. Hulu brought up the third spot.

So what does this tell us? Not a lot really. While it’s estimated that companies lost over $9 billion to password sharing and privacy, this is far from a new practice, and streaming services could almost totally stop it if they wanted to. You can bet though, when growth starts to flatten and revenue takes a dip, this will be one of the first areas they look.