90s classic Dinosaurs headed to Disney+ this fall

A popular 90s family sitcom is headed to Disney+ this fall.

During an episode of “Don’t” on ABC, Ryan Reynolds, made the announcement that the classic show “Dinosaurs” was headed to the streaming platform later this year. An exact date wasn’t revealed.

If you don’t remember the show, “Dinosaurs” featured dinosaurs living like humans in a modern world. It only ran for four seasons and 65 episodes from 1991 – 1994, but it picked up a decent following during that time and even more of a following in the years after. The show was most well known for its puppet-style characters, rather unique for prime time TV.

The show gained acclaim for tackling a number of social issues like environmentalism, endangered species, LGBT struggles, corporate crime, steroid abuse and more.

Prior to this point, the show was available on Hulu for a little while and available for purchase through a few outlets. It makes sense that it would land on Disney+ as that’s the home of a few other Jim Henson projects.

Haven’t heard of Disney+? It’s a Disney-centric streaming service that debuted last year and hosts nearly everything Disney has ever made and more. There’s no live streaming, but content can be downloaded for offline viewing. It has a price that starts at $6.99 a month but it does offer a free trial if you want to test things.

Artie Beaty