Adidas recreating the canceled European Championship through FIFA 20

With live sports shut down across the globe, many top leagues are turning to digital recreations to tide fans over. In America, the NBA and the NHL both started showing video game matches on their social media platforms and NASCAR found success with real-time virtual races.

And now other sports organizations across the globe are joining in.

Since the start of May, Adidas has been recreating the European Championship through the FIFA 20 PlayStation game. 12 professional athletes and 12 celebrities are taking part, and like real life, there will be a total of 51 matches. While the content is all on social media for now, Adidas is in talks to have the championship match on television.

Of course, Adidas isn’t just doing this for simple goodwill. Sporting events are a huge part of advertising for the company, and every virtual matched is packed with branding – from the in-game ball to the clothing on the players. And it’s all coming at a fraction of the price the real tournament costs.

This tournament obviously won’t capture quite the attention of the real-life version, but it’s grabbing enough eyeballs that it’s worth it for all parties involved to keep going. And plans are already underway for another tournament.

Artie Beaty