AirTV 2 Debuts, Making Free Local Channels Easier Than Ever To Stream

Streaming your local television channels just got a little sleeker thanks to the debut of the AirTV 2.

Like the original AirTV, it’s a device that lets you stream live, local channels from an antenna to your television, phone, or tablet with no additional fees and no subscription. It’s a great alternative for your local networks if you’ve made the decision to cut cable.

So what’s new? Most importantly, the AirTV 2 is smaller than its predecessor. But in addition, it comes with upgraded wireless connectivity. Overall, the basic functionality is the same, and there aren’t any new features on the software side of things, but it’s definitely a better device than it was before.

Mitch Weinraub, the director of product development for AirTV, said that  “AirTV 2 takes a great idea and wraps it in an even better package, making it easy for cord-cutters to integrate their local channels with an OTT subscription.  Customers can place the AirTV 2 anywhere in the home to get the best possible OTA signal without dealing with the wiring or placing the antenna near the TV.”

Like before, you can connect it to hard drive to record live television, serving as a DVR of sorts.

The AirTV 2 will set you back $99 if you buy it outright, but you can get it for $49.99 with a free OTA antenna if you make a commitment to three months of SlingTV service.