AirTV Launches Local Channels DVR for Sling TV

Aside from online streaming services, HD antennas have become a popular choice for watching local channels free. To merge the ease of HD antennas with the flexibility of streaming, AirTV stepped up a few years ago to offer a means of streaming free local channels throughout the home to TVs or mobile devices, even allowing remote access through Sling TV or the AirTV app. Now, AirTV has added a DVR for these local channels, making watching TV for free more convenient than ever.

AirTV’s “Local Channels DVR” feature is available to AirTV customers with no monthly subscription or fees. The DVR can record over-the-air (OTA) content which can then be accessed through Sling TV alongside other cloud DVR recordings, merging local and streaming into one convenient interface.

“The Local Channels DVR rounds out the complete cord-cutting experience for those wanting to integrate free local channels and DVR with a streaming service like Sling TV,” says Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV. “Millions of Americans are embracing over-the-air antennas as part of their cord-cutting solution, and the ability to take their live and recorded content in and out of home with AirTV’s Local Channels DVR is just an added bonus.”

HD antennas are becoming an increasingly common choice for cable cutters, as they offer a way of accessing free HD broadcasts of major networks like NBC, CBS, even PBS. However, until now they’ve been looked over by many cord cutters because they like many of the features of streaming devices such as DVR functionality. Could AirTV’s Local Channel DVR help turn the tide in favor of HD antennas?

Probably not given the rather limited channel selection HD antennas offer. Still, given that they offer the opportunity to watch major national events and sports, the ability to DVR these broadcasts could potentially lure in new users to the HD antenna market.