Did Amazon Pay A Quarter Of A Billion For Top Gear’s ‘Grand Tour?’


grand-tourThe highly anticipated Grand Tour has finally been released, and it looks like the fierce bidding war over the summer is going to pay off for Amazon.

According to reports, Amazon paid PS160 million for the whole Grand Tour series, or about PS4.5 million per episode, but one Netflix exec says they actually paid far more than that.

Since every other season of Top Gear eventually made its way to Netflix, many people thought that the largest streaming service would shell out the cash for the new version show.

The service did indeed “make a play” for the series, according to Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, adding that they “had a better sense than most of what the audience was.” But they were eventually outbid by Amazon.

When Sarandos was asked if he thought the PS160 million price tag was worth it, he said that was an under reported number, and the real figure was closer to PS250 million. Amazon hasn’t commented on reports that they paid more than initially stated.
The show’s big budget certainly isn’t going unnoticed or unheralded, with the hosts making mention of it several times during the first episode.

A new episode of Grand Tour will be released Friday of every week, exclusively on Amazon Video.