Amazon and IMDB Launch Freedive, a New Free Streaming Service

New free streaming service you say? Where do I sign up? This month internet services giant Amazon teamed up with IMDB to launch Freedive, an all-new streaming service that is completely free – with a catch. Just a small one: Freedive is ad-supported, so you’ll have to watch a few commercials or time your bathroom breaks just right. No biggie, right?

Not for the impressive list of titles with which Freedive has hit the scene. It’s IMDB, after all, so you know they’ll be bringing the best cinema has to offer. Some of the launch titles include Drive, Adaptation, Gattaca, True Romance, Last Action Hero, Legends of the Fall, Panic Room,  and TV series like Fringe, The Bachelor, Gilligan’s Island, Heroes, and even highly underrated classic time-travel series Quantum Leap.

In addition to these well-known highly-reviewed titles, Freedive is home to some of IMDB’s original video series which haven’t had a large platform release yet. Could Freedive be the vehicle to get these series into the mainstream?

“Customers already rely on IMDb to discover movies and TV shows and decide what to watch,” Col Needham, founder and CEO of IMDB said in a press release. “With the launch of IMDb Freedive, they can now also watch full-length movies and TV shows on IMDb and all Amazon Fire TV devices for free. We will continue to enhance IMDb Freedive based on customer feedback and will soon make it available more widely, including on IMDb’s leading mobile apps.”

IMDB was bought by Amazon in 1998, so joining forces together to launch Freedive makes perfect sense for both companies. Freedive is available over web browsers through the IMDB website or through Amazon devices like the Fire TV in all its various forms, and a mobile app launch is expected soon. Given that IMDB and Amazon are already two of the biggest names in streaming and modern film culture, could Freedive become a contender in the crowded streaming market?