Amazon Brings Fire TV Streaming To Vehicles

Even though the first Fire TV from Amazon was introduced just a few years ago – 2017 to be exact – there are now over 150 different Fire enabled devices available in 10 countries. But the latest innovation from the company may be its most surprising. This week, Amazon announced that it’s bringing Fire TV streaming to automobiles.

Why would a car need streaming television? The question makes sense on the surface. But as technology invades vehicles more and more, companies are rolling out vehicles equipped with passenger and rear seat screens for media. And of course, these screens will need content.

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show this week, the technology industry’s largest showcase, several brands touted car entertainment systems with features like Alexa, hands-free and touch screen navigation, offline playback and more. In most cases, content can be streamed with a vehicle’s on-board Wi-Fi, a mobile hotspot, or saved to the car’s streaming system.

At the moment, we only know for sure that BMW, VOXX Automotive, and Fiat Chrysler have shown off vehicles with the technology, but it’s almost certain that more automakers will be on board eventually.

Amazon didn’t mention the possibility/danger of viewing while driving, but you can assume that ability will be disabled.