Amazon Fire TV Users Now Outnumber Roku Users

At CES this week, Amazon came out swinging by reporting numbers to suggest it could very well be dominating the streaming hardware wars. Despite facing stiff competition from market-tested contenders like Roku and Apple TV, Amazon has steadily amassed a huge user base for its line of Fire TV devices. It seems that Amazon has finally taken the lead when it comes to streaming devices, boasting that it now has more active users than any other device on the streaming market. Is Amazon destined to dominate every corner of the internet?

It sure seems that way. I, for one, welcome our new Amazon overlords. The company says that over 30 million active users now watch video on Fire TV. By comparison, Fire TV’s closest competitor Roku boasted at the same CES conference that it currently has 27 million active users. Roku has heretofore been considered one of the most popular and widely-used streaming devices on the market, so Amazon’s figures should come as somewhat of a surprise.

According to the figures Amazon presented at CES, the retail and internet services giant has picked up 5 million new users in just the last three months. Plus, Amazon’s head of Fire TV Mark Whitten told CNET that he believes the number of active users will keep increasing as new users who got a Fire TV device over the holidays will begin unboxing and plugging in their devices.

As more and more households continue to cut the cable, we’ll likely see the streaming device wars continue to heat up. While set-top boxes or sticks like Fire TV or Roku have been the most popular form factor thus far, expect the future of streaming to be in smart TVs with streaming interfaces built right into them. Amazon is already shipping Fire TV edition Smart TVs, while Roku likewise has partnerships with several smart TV makers.