Amazon Fresh Take on Government Intelligence, ‘Patriot,’ Gets Feb. 24 Debut

One of Amazon’s most anticipated original shows now has a firm release date. The first season of Patriot will be available on Feb. 24 on Amazon Video.

Patriot is being billed as a “real world” look at the life of an intelligence officer. Spoiler: it’s not always glamorous.

The show follows the life of a man named John Tavner, a federal intelligence officer tasked with stopping Iran from going nuclear. To do this, he’s got to drop all his safeguards and take on a cover role – that of a middling worker at a piping firm in the Midwest. Throw in a bout with PTSD, incompetence from the federal government, and the hassle of his “day job,” and the whole operation starts to be a lot more than he bargained for.

The pilot episode of Patriot will be available free at while the rest of the season (nine episodes, each an hour long) will be released on Feb. 24.Prime members will be able to download or stream the series to almost any device.

Amazon’s Head of Comedy, Joe Lewis, said “As smart, compelling and contradictory as the world it portrays, Steve Conrad’s Patriot is an incredible comedic drama about the world of modern intelligence. Told skillfully and artfully, Steve and the incredible cast have made something truly unique and we can’t wait to bring it to customers soon.”

Patriot was one of the shows chosen as a part Amazon’s “pilot season” project last year, where customers actually rate and review pilot episodes to help Amazon choose their next original series. Early fan reviews called the show “hilariously clever” and a show that “credits its viewers with intelligence.”

There’s certainly no shortage of “covert ops and espionage” shows these days, but it looks like Patriot is going to be a fresh take on the genre.