Amazon Prime introduces official watch party feature

Social distancing is now a little easier thanks to a new feature on Amazon Prime Video.

Starting this week, subscribers can take part in watch parties with up to 99 other subscribers. While in a watch party, the selected content is synchronized for all users and there’s a communal chat to talk about the action. The feature is available in all browsers except Apple Safari.

For now, the feature is only available to US customers and it’s only available on the desktop/browser version of Prime. To get started using it, click the “Watch Party” icon right beside the “Watchlist” and “Trailer” options. You’ll be given a link you can share with friends. The person who started the watch party will be in control of starting, pausing, and ending the playback, and users can join in at any time.

Users can take part in a watch party for any content that’s a part of a regular Amazon Prime subscription, but purchased content can’t be viewed this way unless every viewer has purchased it.

This rollout comes just after Hulu introduced a similar feature officially last month and third-party apps to accomplish the same thing on Netflix are gaining popularity.

Amazon Prime watch parties are expected to be available for international users in the coming months.

Artie Beaty