Amazon Prime Nabs Exclusive Streaming Rights to TNT’s Animal Kingdom

Amazon Prime has added another exclusive series to its streaming stable: TNT’s crime drama Animal Kingdom, which debuted last summer and is due back for a second season this May.

Based on the 2010 Australian film, Animal Kingdom stars Finn Cole as a teenager who moves in with a band of wild — occasionally criminal — relatives in a Southern Californian beach town after his mother dies of a drug overdose. The series was developed by Jonathan Lisco (Halt and Catch Fire, Southland), and the cast also includes Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman. TV veteran John Wells executive produced the series, and that guy’s resume has more hits than a pinata convention. (Shameless, ER, The West Wing, and China Beach, to name just a few.) The show currently boasts a solid 73% Fresh critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so Prime subscribers might want to add this one to their binge list. Here’s a trailer:

All 10 episodes of Animal Kingdom‘s first season will be available streaming on Amazon Prime Video on April 30. That will give viewers a full month to catch up before the show’s second-season premiere on TNT on May 30. And if you can’t make it through 10 episodes in 30 days, well, you’re probably just too busy for television, friend.

In their announcement, Amazon Prime announced that “Prime Members in the U.S. will be able to stream the full first season at no additional cost to their membership, via the Amazon Video app for TVs, connected devices or mobile devices, or online.” Animal Kingdom joins other Prime streaming exclusives such as The Americans, Mr. Robot, Downton Abbey, Vikings, and Justified.

Sadly, the original Australian version of Animal Kingdom isn’t streaming on any on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu…but you can rent or purchase it via Amazon and other digital services. And here’s the trailer for the film that started it all.