Amazon Prime’s Newest Perk: Ad-Free Twitch TV

When Amazon purchased video game streaming company Twitch for nearly $1 billion a few years ago, many people wondered what sort of synergy would happen between the two companies.

Customers are finally getting a glimpse of that as Amazon has announced that all Prime customers will get ad-free viewing of Twitch at no cost, plus discounts on video games bought on

The new service will be called Twitch Prime, and in addition to Twitch viewing, will also include free digital games (beginning with the “made solely for Twitch” title Streamline) and a free channel subscription every 30 days, which usually costs $5 per month.

While Twitch is primarily known for live-streaming of video games, that’s not all the platform holds. Amazon recently debuted two of their new shows exclusively on Twitch, showing the pilot episodes there before anywhere else.

The entire series of those shows won’t be available on Twitch, but the move was probably just to drive new eyeballs to Twitch (showing viewers that it’s not just live game streaming), and to give viewers enough of a show to see if they want to come back to Amazon Prime.

Three Amazon pilot episodes were slated to show first on Twitch, including I Love Dick and a remake of The Tick.