Amazon Set To Debut Prime Video In India As Early As Tomorrow

Amazon’s streaming video service has been very highly anticipated in India (especially after it was leaked for a day last week), and it looks like it’s finally happening – as soon as tomorrow.

Amazon Prime launched earlier this year in India, and it was just a few weeks later that Amazon told Mashable that video was on the way, but a timeline wasn’t clear.

A formal press conference announcing Amazon Video’s arrival to the nation is expected in Mumbai tomorrow, Dec. 13, and some experts predict that the service could begin streaming immediately.

Amazon spent last fall gobbling up a slew of local content, courting Bollywood movie studios and fighting for the rights to live Indian cricket matches, so their entry into the Indian market has been expected.

Amazon’s entry into India comes on the heels of Netflix’s arrival earlier this year.But Amazon says that since Netflix will focus primarily on Western content, while they key in on local programming, the two won’t necessarily be competitors.

The Indian Netflix costs about $8 a month, much more expensive than the Bollywood-focused “Eros Now,” with 1.3 million subscribers who pa only $1 a month. In a nation of 1.2 billion people, there hasn’t been one streaming company that’s emerged as the clear leader, so it’ll be an interesting battle to watch.