Amazon Video Launches $5 Anime Steaming Channel

Anime fans, you’ve got some good news coming. Amazon has announced the launch of “Anime Strike,” another add-on to the company’s streaming video service. Strike is Amazon’s first channel of its own.

Anime Strike has a $5 monthly fee (although there is a weeklong free trial), and promises anime geared at all ages, but mostly romance and action for adults. Strike’s library will have both modern shows that are currently airing in Japan (like The Great Passage and Scum’s Wish) plus classic titles (like Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers). Several animes included are exclusive to Strike. Right now, Strike is only available to US customers.

The anime lineup will change weekly, with some shows becoming available the same day they air in Japan. Amazon’s VP of digital video, Michael Paull, told Variety they plan to introduce other genre specific content, but didn’t reveal what.

Strike will be joining several other add-on channels that are a part of Amazon Video, including Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and more.