Amazon Video Could Soon Be Available on Luxury Passenger Trains In India

Amazon has been on an absolute tear trying to capture eyeballs in the new Indian streaming market, signing the world’s biggest movie star to a deal and signing deals with several major Indian movie studios for exclusive rights to their films. And it appears they’re not done fighting for an audience.

A report in Economic Times noted that Amazon is currently talking to Indian Railways, with the intent to bring Prime Video streaming to luxury passenger trains. The report mentioned trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronoto would likely be the first to have the service. Once passengers connect to the Wi-Fi on enabled trains, they’d have access to the Amazon catalog.

This wouldn’t be the first on demand streaming video available on Indian trains. North-Western Railway currently has “PressPlay TV” content, but it involves downloading a specific app and can only be found on one train. Amazon wouldn’t require an app download, has a much larger selection of shows and movies, and would be available on a much larger network of trains.

So far, Amazon’s strategy to place themselves on the top of India’s streaming offerings has worked, as they’re ahead of rival Netflix and local company Hotstar.