Amazon’s Thursday Night Football Will Let You Buy Their Products from Your TV While Watching the Game

If Amazon is good at anything, it’s making money. Prime Video has become a formidable streaming service with a respectable library of original content, but like all of its perks, Prime exists mostly to make us buy crap. Amazon incorporates effortless shopping into all of their internet services and devices, reminding us to never stop consuming – even when streaming NFL games.

Or maybe I should say especially when watching football, a sport whose rules are essentially designed around commercial breaks. To further meld sport and commerce into the bizarre dystopian mishmash it is today, Amazon has now taken advantage of its Thursday Night Football streaming rights be incorporating the ability to shop for team merchandise into every game.

Thursday Night Football games on Amazon will leverage Amazon’s own “X-Ray” feature to offer viewers the chance to access real-time stats, team info and rosters, and most notably, the ability to shop on Viewers (or make that shoppers) don’t even have to take their eyes off of the game to buy a fifth team jersey, as Amazon has enabled the Fire TV remote to bring up menus alongside the game.

In many ways, television was always about commerce and advertising, but this feels different somehow. Products have been featured in advertising for years, but never straight from the retailer. Amazon has already been incorporating shopping into its Prime Video, both as QVC-style ad breaks and short lived watch-while-you-shop style guides.

In much less dystopian news, Amazon is also launching a groundbreaking new option to select different audio commentaries alongside their game, including the first all-female commentator booth featuring sports journalists Andrea Kreme and Hannah Storm. A Fox Sports commentary featuring Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will also be available in addition to a Spanish-language feed and curiously enough a British English feed.