150-plus Anime titles leaving Hulu June 1


Hulu subscribers who are fans of anime have a day to enjoy the dozens of titles available on the over-the-top service.

A slew of contracts for the streaming rights to more than 150 anime movies and TV shows expire June 1 on Hulu, reports exstreamist.com.

As things consider to fracture in the streaming world, anime is of course a top priority for many of the streaming services. The wide array of genres under the anime umbrella contain titles that are popular to appeal to a bigger audience, as well as those that help bring in new subscribers due to difficulties in finding some of rarer titles. In other words, anime has a growing number of streaming services that have found people are willing to subscribe to their service and this is starting to fracture a bit; one centralized hub for a majority of anime titles is seeming less likely to happen.

Engadget reports that the decision to not renew the streaming rights on the titles (which you can see here) is likely due to a lack of interest from viewers.