Apple Introduces New Streaming TV App – Without Streaming’s Two Biggest Names


The streaming TV landscape can get pretty confusing, with over 1,500 different providers available in some form. Apple is hoping to make it a little easier with the release of a new app that works with Apple TV, but it’s missing the two biggest names in streaming: Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It’s no surprise that Amazon is out, as it’s never been available on Apple TV. The feeling seems to be mutual, as Apple TV isn’t available for purchase on Amazon.

Netflix’s absence though is a little more perplexing. It’s by far the most popular streaming service, so it seems like it would need to be available in any sort of streaming box or app. Netflix wasn’t a part of Apple’s presentation on the new app though, and a representative later confirmed that Netflix wouldn’t be a part.

The new app shows off lots of live streaming options (including sports), but almost all of them required a cable account login. So Apple’s new streaming app might help organize streaming a little bit, it’s not bringing anything new to the able for cord cutters.