Apple Reality Show “Planet of the Apps” Lets Celebs Judge, Fund New Mobile Apps

Following in the footsteps of some of today’s biggest media names, Apple is getting in on the act and creating a new reality TV show of their own – and they’ve revealed the first trailer (which you can see below).

The new show, titled Planet of the Apps, will feature iOS app developers facing a panel of celebrity judges ( Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Gary Vaynerchuk, and The developers will pitch their app with an “elevator pitch” of 60 seconds or less. Celebrities will then swipe left or right depending on their confidence in the app, and tell the developer why it’s awesome or why it’s doomed to fail. At the end of the pitch, developers choose one of the interested celebrities as their strategic partner – and that’s when the real battle begins.

Once they’re working with a celebrity, developers will get help from tech companies like Uber, and Yelp as they fight to get millions of dollars in investing from venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture. The ultimate winners get not only their funding, but special promotion on the App Store homepage, making sure their app takes off.

Think of is as a Shark Tank for iPhone apps, just with much shorter pitches. Of course, since Apple is producing the show, don’t expect to see any Android creations.

Viewers will have the chance to swipe along with the celebs on the show too, selecting whether or not they think an app will make it. CEO of Propogate (the show’s production partner), Ben Silverman said “The moment that you swipe and it goes to the screen, you’re reminded that apps, like music, like television, like film, are a dominant part of our cultural landscape. And when you see it you see what screen-enabled storytelling apps are.”

Planet of the Apps will be released one episode per week on the Apple Music store.