Apple TV announces Fraggle Rock reboot, adds original series

Dance your cares away, because Fraggle Rock is getting the reboot treatment.

Apple TV announced today they’re partnering with the Jim Henson Company to bring back the beloved 80s show some 33 years after its original debut. The show will be produced by Lisa Henson (daughter of Jim).

There will be new songs of course, but the Fraggles, the Doozers, and the Gorgs will all return .

And if the idea of tampering with the iconic 80s show is too much to handle, there’s some good news. As a part of the deal, the entire run of the first show, from 1983-1987, will be streaming too starting immediately.

Apple wasn’t interested in the original series at first, as they don’t deal with previously produced content. While older content is a staple of all other streaming services, Apple wants to carve their niche on originals. But they realized they’d have their new show and their Fraggle Rock: Rock On special with Alanis Morissette and Neil Patrick Harris competing with another service for the old show, and that’s a fight they wanted to avoid. And since the old show was on HBO, it’s almost certain that would have been the highly-anticipated HBO Max.

No timeline was announced for the reboot, so it’s still likely a long way off. Until then, you’ll have to let the (original) music play to hold you over.

Artie Beaty