Arrested Development Cast Is “All In” For A Fifth Season


It appears that all the pieces are finally falling in to place for a return of the cult comedy Arrested Development.

Brian Grazer, the show’s executive producer, believes they are “really close” to getting a fifth season in production, recently telling The Wrap “All of the actors have agreed to do another season,” and noting they had all agreed on their pay – two things that had previously been huge hurdles. Getting the cast all available at the same time and getting contract negotiations to go through is never easy for a cast this size, and it appears those were the two main holdups for a new season.

This is news that fans have been waiting a while for. The show ran for three years on Fox, but a small cult following kept the show in the light so much that when it was canceled, Netflix stepped in to develop a fourth season. After the fourth season of the show on Netflix, fans were left wanting more.

There were rumors of a new season and even rumors of a movie, and it was actually two years ago that Netflix said they were committed to bringing a fifth season. But nothing came of all that until now.

While this doesn’t mean a fifth season of Arrested Development is guaranteed yet, it does mean that the probability is more likely than ever.