AT&T continues to fall, loses over 1 million pay TV customers in Q4 of 2019

Spoiler alert: people are cutting cable. The customer losses continue to pile up for big cable, as AT&T announced they lost nearly a million customers – 945,000 to be exact – in the last quarter of 2019. That accounts for both DIRECTV and U-Verse customers.

The news wasn’t great on the streaming side of things either, as 219,000 customers logged off of AT&T TV NOW for the last time.  Add the two numbers together, and that’s nearly 11,000 customers every single day that jumped ship.

And, of course, to offset subscriber losses, the company has been raising prices across all platforms in recent months.

This news comes after the company announced a loss of 195,000 AT&T NOW customers for the fall quarter of 2019 and a whopping 1.16 million subscriber loss of traditional TV subscribers during that time.

Based on total customer count, the new numbers put AT&T now in fifth place in streaming television, down from the second spot in the same last year.

What’s the takeaway For AT&T NOW, it’s that the streaming television market is  all of a sudder hyper competitive, and since customers can easily switch from one service to another, there’s not a lot of loyalty. And for traditional TV, it means that more and more people are deciding it’s simply time to part ways.