AT&T Introduces ‘Stream Saver’ Video Throttling For Streaming Video

For users who watch a lot of streaming video on their mobile devices over a data connection, hitting a data cap can be a pretty frustrating experience. It either means paying an overage for using more data, or it means not having any data to use at all.

AT&T is out to remedy that a little though, by introducing a feature called “Stream Saver” that will be rolled out in 2017. AT&T’s Stream Saver will throttle streaming video quality to help save on data usage. Stream Saver isn’t limited to any specific streaming partners, and it can be easily turned on or off at any time.

With Stream Saver, streaming videos will come across in 480p – essentially standard definition. This does mean video quality is a little less clear, but it means a dramatic reduction in data usage. Stream Saver doesn’t work with all streaming video though, and depends on what the system can detect.
The move from AT&T comes just as they’re ramping up their own TV streaming service, so it makes sense they’re trying to get customers to watch as much content as they can.
AT&T says the quality will still be similar to that of a DVD, and when you’re watching on a mobile device, isn’t that enough most of the time any way?