AT&T is Launching a New Streaming Service with HBO and WarnerMedia

Everyone wants in on the streaming action these days. From all of the big names in tech to nearly every major studio and media company, there’s barely a content provider out there that isn’t either launching their own streaming service or partnering with existing streaming services to get their video content to cable-cutting consumers. While some of these have been destined to fail or fade into obscurity from the beginning, AT&T and a team of formidable partners have announced a partnership that could result in some serious competition for the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

This week, AT&T announced it will launch a streaming service to bring both the libraries WarnerMedia and HBO together. The service is expected to launch sometime next year. While AT&T already offers both DIRECTV NOW and HBO Now, this new service will be a standalone on-demand library separate from those two services which are essentially both “skinny bundles” of cable content.

In an interview this week, WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey said that the move is being made in response to customer demand for both HBO and Warner content, a demand not currently met by any direct-to-consumer streaming service:

Around HBO will come a great library of additional content from not only the WarnerMedia properties but also some selective third-party licensed content. And the driver behind this is really straightforward. We know there’s customers who love to engage with our content — we’ve got a great history of building it — much of which they can’t get in one place.

The new service is expected to launch sometime in fourth quarter 2019. There haven’t been any specific titles named for the new service’s library, but given that Warner and HBO own some of the hottest franchises on the market including Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Batman, and networks like TBS, TNT, and CNN, this is one streaming service which might actually be able to stand out in the ever growing streaming world.