AT&T Moving Away From DIRECTV NOW, Rolling Out AT&T TV NOW

This summer, many customers will be saying goodbye to DIRECTV NOW. They won’t be cutting AT&T’s streaming television service though, they’ll just be using it under a different name.

As a part of their upcoming AT&T TV, the company will be rebranding DIRECTV NOW as AT&T TV NOW (confused yet?). Right now, nothing at all changes. But in the coming weeks, customers will logon to the streaming service through the AT&T TV app (which will also include the upcoming AT&T TV NOW). The app will automatically detect whether you’re a AT&T TV or AT&T TV NOW subscriber and will display the appropriate content.

It’s a move that does make sense for the telecom giant in a time when traditional television viewers are fleeing (they announced a loss of 500,000 subscribers earlier this year). When people think of DIRECTV, they associate the name with the former satelliate giant that has nothing to do with streaming these days. So AT&T is simply moving the service to be moe in line with their current offerings. There’s no indication that DIRECTV satellite service is going anywhere, you just won’t see it if you want to stream content.

So in short, DIRECTV NOW is being called AT&T TV NOW, a separate service called AT&T TV is coming soon, and customers will use a single app, AT&T TV, to login

Current DIRECTV NOW customers don’t need to do anything (except agree to a new terms of service document upon their first time logging in) and shouldn’t see any interruption in service.