AT&T NOW Subscribers Getting Three Streams and 500 Hours of DVR

It’s not all bad news for AT&T NOW subscribers. According to several sources, subscribers to the Plus and Max plans are getting some new benefits – a third simultaneous stream (up from two) and a whopping 500 hours of cloud DVR (up from 20). Subscribers don’t need to do anything to take advantage of the new features – just login and enjoy.

Legacy customers (those who signed up under pricing structures no longer available) can add the third stream for only $5 a month, but they don’t have the ability to upgrade their DVR. Those customers will be limited to their original 20 hours of DVR.

The move comes as AT&T NOW has moved their DVR structure in house, and probably not coincidentally, as Sling TV recently announced upgrades to their DVR service.  AT&T NOW announced a cloud-based DVR platform last year, but took customers from 100 to 20 hours of storage.

As cord-cutting continues to affect cable companies, AT&T has recently been promoting its NOW service pretty strongly. The service started strong, but quickly lagged due to some technical issues, and lost subscribers for four months straight.