AT&T TV NOW available again on Roku devices

Back in January, AT&T NOW customers suddenly found they couldn’t add their service on their Roku devices thanks to a squabble between the two companies over revenue sharing. Current customers at the time were unaffected, but Roku actually blocked new AT&T customers from installing the app.

AT&T promised they were “actively working on a new agreement with Roku,” and it appears they finally did so – albeit five months later. As of May 18, new AT&T TV NOW subscribers can watch their content through Roku devices.

Roku is by far the most popular streaming platform and streaming numbers have been at all-time highs for the past several months, so it wasn’t exactly an optimal time for AT&T to go dark. Combined with the fact that the service has been struggling to gain traction and has seen somewhat unfavorable reviews from a lot of customers, and you have to wonder what the future holds for AT&T NOW. In a streaming world where there are plenty of options and people change services quite often, there’s not a lot of room for error.

The addition of HBO MAX will help the service overall, but customers won’t be able to access that content on Roku at launch. That’s another (yet to be agreed on) contract.

Artie Beaty