AT&T TV Sets Nationwide Launch Date

We finally have a likely release date for AT&T TV. According to several reports, the service should be rolling out nationwide on February 11.

There’s been no official word from AT&T, but the potential release date is based on the fact that current subscribers are receiving a message in their account that their plan ends on that date. That’s just short of a solid confirmation, but it does make a lot of sense that any current promotions or offers would end once the new system rolls out.

The message is appearing to AT&T beta testers and subscribers to the AT&T TV Now service, suggesting that both of those platforms will likely be rolled into the AT&T TV name.

At present, AT&T TV has fairly limited availability, only open to subscribers in parts of California, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Texas, and Washington.

AT&T TV does have a problem to sort out before its February release though – the lack of Roku support. Given that Roku makes up most of the streaming sales in the United States, there’s a great chance the struggle will be resolved by then, but should it continue, you can expect it to be an issue for potential subscribers.