Netflix Subscribers Now Watching 12 Days More Per Year Than In 2011


Netflix has said they plan to produce over 1,000 hours of original content in 2017, and that’s a good thing, because people are watching more than ever before.

New estimates show that the average Netflix user now watches about 600 hours of Netflix every single year (or, about 98 minutes each day). This is up from 2011, when estimates were 310 hours of Netflix every single year (or, about 51 minutes each day). When you do the math, this comes out to almost 12 days worth of viewing.

When you consider the fact that the Netflix library is actually shrinking at a decent pace, these numbers are even more impressive, and they show that Netflix’s focus on original content is working.

Of course, Netflix has many more subscribers now than in 2011 – over three times as many. So when you have more than triple the subscriber base watching double the time, there’s plenty to be excited about for Netflix.

Even more encouraging for Netflix is the fact that they’re attracting young viewers. A study released last month revealed that among US teens, 37% watch Netflix every single day.