Babylon 5, Fringe, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and More Are Now Streaming on go90

With the streaming landscape dominated by Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, it’s hard to break through the noise and get noticed if you’re one of the smaller upstart competitors. Well, it looks like go90 just gave potential viewers plenty of reasons to check out their service. First launched in October 2015, the Verizon-owned go90 has added several major shows to their streaming catalog, including the sci-fi cult hits Babylon 5 and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, as well as the creepy Fox hit Fringe. And it’s free!

While Babylon 5 might not have the name recognition as some of the other shows these days, the show’s return to the streaming landscape is a big deal for fans. Babylon 5 has been on Netflix in the past, but it’s been quite a while since it was available on any of the streaming services here in the U.S. Sure, you could rent or purchase episodes via places like Amazon Instant Video, but that’s not the same as being easily available at the touch of button, and without any transactions required. (Obviously, Netflix requires a monthly subscription, but it sure feels free while you’re browsing and binging, don’t it?) There have been numerous petitions over the years, trying to convince Warner Bros. to put the show up on Netflix or Amazon, and now that harassment has proven fruitful. If you’ve never sample the show, Babylon 5 was definitely ahead of its time — a pre-planned, interconnected five-year saga set aboard a massive space station that serves as sort of an interstellar United Nations. Some elements have aged poorly, but overall it’s a solid, engrossing sci-fi epic that deserves a lot more credit than it generally gets.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ran for only two seasons on Fox, starring Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker as Sarah and John Connor of the Terminator franchise. Set after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Sarah Connor Chronicles saw Sarah and John pulled forward from 1999 to 2007, now facing another deadly killer robot and a freshly impending end of the world. Thankfully, John yet again has a cyborg companion to protect him, but this time she’s played by Summer Glau. That’s definitely an upgrade, with all due respect to Arnie. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles still has a devout fan following to this day, and justifiably so — it’s some of the best material to come out of the woefully uneven Terminator franchise.

Fringe looked like just another X-Files knockoff when it premiered in 2008, starring Anna Torv as an FBI agent assigned to a division specializing in investigating “fringe events.” But the show soon evolved beyond the monster-of-the-week formula, setting up a sprawling and ambitious five-year run that included time travel, alternate realities, mad scientists, mutants, and, yes, lots of monsters of the week. The show was funny, charming, troubling, and often downright scary. It’s worth watching for John Noble’s brilliant performance as Dr. Walter Bishop alone — by turns silly, frightening, and utterly heartbreaking.

There’s tons more content on go90, but these three shows alone would provide plenty of reasons to celebrate. (But if you’re looking for more, allow us to recommend Almost Human, a hugely underrated sci-fi buddy-cop series starring Star Trek’s Karl Urban. Just make sure to watch it in the correct viewing order.)