The 20 Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now (Spring 2017)


Who doesn’t love to be scared by a great horror movie? Fortunately, you can get your thrill-seeking fix without ever leaving your home by watching scary movies on Hulu. If you’re wondering which movies are actually worth watching, here’s our guide to the best horror movies on Hulu. Make some popcorn, grab a friend who can tell you when to uncover your eyes if you can’t handle the scary parts, and enjoy these top 20 movies for horror lovers.

1. 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane is the story of a woman who awakens with an injury after a car accident. She finds herself inside of a mysterious bunker with two men who tell her the outside world is no longer safe due to poison from an alien attack. When she begins to question the men’s story, she’s left with a difficult choice of whether to stay with the men or brave her chances in the outside world.

2. Saw

This classic serial killer story has spawned a horror movie franchise. The original 2004 suspense movie introducing a twisted killer who loves to play mind games with his victims still remains a favorite of horror fans. Find out how the strangers locked in a room, with no memory of how they arrived there, face up to the fact they’ve become pawns in a deadly game.

3. Hostel

Hostel was directed by Eli Roth and released in 2005. It features the story of three backpackers who are invited to a man’s home after being locked out of the hostel where they’re staying. The man regales them with stories of a dream hostel with attractive women who love American men, but will the hostel actually be a fantasy for the men or is the reality a nightmare? Viewers are on the edge of their seats to find out. There’s also a sequel on Hulu for those who want to see more.

4. They Look Like People

This low-budget 2015 offering follows a recently divorced man who may, or may not, be crossing the line into insanity. When Wyatt, the divorcee, begins to believe the people surrounding him are transforming into creatures of evil, his friend is left wondering if Wyatt has lost his grip on reality or if there’s really something going on. The movie is a must-watch and has viewers excited about what director Perry Blackshear will do next.

5. In Their Skin

This 2012 horror film features a classic home invasion story with a twist: the intruders want to take over the identity of the Hughes family and are willing to torture the family to get the details they need to complete the identity theft. Viewers label this film as a must-see thanks in large part to James D’Arcy’s stellar performance.

6. The Collector

Desperate to repay debts, Arkin plans to rob the isolated home of a man who employs him. When he arrives at the deserted home to commit the heist, he discovers a criminal is already there. The sadistic intruder has imprisoned the family and set traps, leaving Arkin struggling to get out alive. Find out if he’ll survive in this 2009 horror suspense thriller.

7. Children of the Corn

Steven King is the master of the horror genre and this 1984 adaptation of a King short story has become a horror classic. Starring Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton, Children of the Corn tells the story of a young couple trapped in a remote town run by a dangerous cult of murderous children who believe adults must die. The movie has spawned numerous sequels but the original still remains a favorite of horror fans.

8. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

If you like your horror with some humor thrown in, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is the movie for you. This 2010 offering directed by Eli Craig shows what happens when a group of college students confuse affable hillbillies with twisted murderers. Watch the hero and humor unfold when the vacationing hillbillies confront the obnoxious teens.

9. Sleepy Hollow

This 1999 horror movie featuring Johnny Depp is a re-telling of the classic story of Ichabod Crane as he struggles to stop the murderous behavior of the gruesome Headless Horseman. This movie, which was directed by Tim Burton remains a timeless classic.

10. Resident

Resident is a 2012 horror movie featuring Hilary Swank, who moves into a brand new apartment as a divorcee. Although the apartment seems like it will provide a great opportunity to start a new life, Juliet- played by Swank- can’t fight the feeling that something is wrong and she may not be alone in the space.

11. Boo

No list of the best horror movies on Hulu would be complete without at least one Halloween-themed offering. This 2005 horror movie directed by Anthony Ferrante tells the story of a group of college kids who become trapped in a haunted hospital and who must battle to survive the evil spirits locked within.

12. Killer Legends

This horror film is a horror documentary that introduces viewers to the true stories behind some of the most frightening urban legends. Directed by Joshua Zeman and released in 2014, the movie gets top marks from viewers for delving deeply into the real crimes that inspired fears about poisoned halloween candy and a babysitter who learned that the calls which were tormenting her were coming from inside the house.

13. The Haunting in Connecticut

When their son’s health forces a family to relocate to a new home, they never suspect the sinister forces that await them in their new abode. Find out the disturbing history of the family’s charming Victorian home and watch them battle the supernatural spirits who want to do the family harm in this 2009 horror and suspense movie.

14. The Attic

After moving into a new home with her family, Emma becomes frightened and reclusive after seeing a girl who looks like her in the attic. Is the girl who attacked her in the attic her dead twin sister, and what sinister forces have bought her to the attic of the home the family has moved into? This chilling 2007 movie directed by Mary Limbert will reveal the mysteries in the attic.

15. Maggie

Maggie’s a 2016 film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin. The film, which is a post-apocalyptic horror thriller, focuses on a father’s desperate efforts to save his daughter from a deadly zombie virus. Stunning cinematography helps to add to the suspense of this thriller, which is centered around a very difficult choice a father may have to make.

16. Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a 2016 horror and suspense flick featuring Keanu Reeves and directed by Eli Roth. Reeve’s plays a family-man and devoted father home alone for the weekend who opens the door to two young women, setting off a cat-and-mouse game that turns from a dark fantasy into a nightmare.

17. Buried

Buried is a 2010 horror and suspense movie about a U.S. truck driver who is attacked by a group of Iraqis while he’s working in Iraq. The trucker wakes up trapped inside of a coffin, and has only a phone and lighter to escape the claustrophobic space before he suffocates in the underground tomb where he has been buried alive.

18. The Other Man

In a classic tale of infidelity gone wrong, a software engineer played by Liam Neeson decides to track down his wife’s lover. After stalking the man, finding him in Milan and befriending him, what will the wronged husband do to get his revenge?

19. My Amityville Horror

The Amityville haunting in 1975 was made into a best-selling novel and was the subject of numerous films. Here, documentary filmmaker Eric Walter tells the story from the perspective of Daniel Lutz for the first time. Eyewitnesses and investigators also share their own version of events, adding a richness to this compelling true-to-life horror story.

20. Open Water

What happens when vacationers are left behind in shark infested waters? This 2004 horror film focuses on the vast dangers lurking in nature that put a couple at risk. Although loosely based on a true story of a couple left behind on a snorkeling expedition, the film takes liberties to enhance the fear the audience feels.

Now that you know which scary movies on Hulu to watch, you can enjoy all the thrills and chills that these movies have to offer.