Buckle Up! Netflix “Magic School Bus” Reboot Will Have A Familiar Cast

Netflix is continuing its nostalgia-fueled onslaught of the 80s and 90s by bringing back a popular kids TV show for a modern audience. The Magic School Bus left the air in 1997, and now, 20 years later, it returns in a series titled The Magic School Bus 360deg. This reboot was first announced back in 2014, but no real details have surfaced until now.

The best part? It seems like some of the original voices are along for the ride.

Netflix has been tight lipped about the series so far, but voice actor Stuart Stone (Ralphie in the original class) recently talked to TMZ and said that several familiar voices will in for more field trips with Ms. Frizzle, along with celebrity cameos too. The Magic School Bus used celebrity cameos heavily, so it’s no surprise that some of today’s top names will be involved with this project.

The new series will still be animated, just with updated computer technology. Production just started on the show, but Stone said that, like Fuller House, Netflix is devoting plenty of time and money to making sure its done well. Like the original, The Magic School Bus 360deg will make science fun for kids, just with science relevant to today’s world like robotics and wearables.

Netflix hasn’t set a solid release date for the reboot of Magic School Bus, and besides Stone, no other voice actors have been confirmed.

The original Magic School Bus Series ran for just four seasons, but it was among the highest rated shows ever on PBS during that time.