Cable companies to FCC: Expect a lawsuit over set-top box proposal

fcc-logoA proposal that would de-couple cable subscriptions from cable set-top boxes, opening the door for cable and satellite subscribers to access their cable content on any set-top box of their choice, has one group fuming: The cable TV industry.

The Federal Communication Commission proposal, which was introduced in January, would give consumers more choice in how they receive their pay TV content and help them avoid any hidden costs that cable companies charge for to use their set-top box.

Both the NCTA and ACA made it clear that the cable industry will sue, questioning the legality of the plan.

Michael Powell, CEO of NCTA, said the set-top box market is already innovative and competitive, pointing to the Apple TV and Roku devices according to a report from

“How many more boxes does it take to declare that the market is trying to solve the problem? Powell said. “Every problem does not empower an FCC-directed solution.”