Captive Trailer Teases Hair-Raising Netflix Documentary Series

captive-netflix-bannerBeing kidnapped by unknown parties, snatched out of your normal life and dropped into a horror show. Finding out one of your loved ones is being held hostage, their survival now dependent on your ability to meet the captor’s demands…if you’re lucky. It’s the stuff of nightmares made real, and it’s the scenario at the heart of Netflix’s upcoming documentary series Captive, which has just dropped a nerve-wracking new trailer for its December premiere.

Captive is produced by Doug Liman, a veteran Hollywood talent whose resume includes The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow. It’s safe to say he knows a gripping bit of storytelling when he sees it, and the tales behind Captive are all the more unsettling because they’re true. Captive‘s eight episodes will explore real-life hostage situations from all corners of the globe, taking you as close as you’d ever care to be when it comes to this terrifying reality. Check out the intense trailer below.

Captive will premiere all eight episodes on December 9, 2016. Not exactly the most holiday-friendly viewing, but it definitely looks to be addictive viewing if you can handle the subject matter. Here’s Netflix’s official description for the series:

CAPTIVE delves into the terse, dangerous world of hostage negotiation. Victims, negotiators, and kidnappers give an unprecedented look at what it means to be captive.

While Netflix’s original series like Stranger Things or the Marvel shows tend to get a ton of press, Netflix has also had a strong focus on acquiring and developing top-tier documentary content as well. Just in the past couple of months, Netflix has debuted the much-ballyhooed Amanda Knox documentary. Werner Herzog’s Into the Inferno, and other intriguing docs such as Extremis and The White Helmets. Just last week, Netflix premiered the docu-series Roman Empire: Reign of Blood.

Netflix’s original dramas could keep most of us busy for months, but there’s plenty to binge for those viewers craving a bit more reality.