CBS Launching Streaming Channel On Pluto TV


As the merger between CBS and Viacom draws closer to being finalized, viewers will find it a little easier to access content from both platforms. Starting November 13, if you’re browsing Pluto TV’s streaming options, you should see a channel dedicated to CBS content.

CBS News already has a channel on Pluto TV, as does a number of other Viacom owned stations like BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Spike. It’s worth noting that the CBS content will be ad supported.  Since the merger started, around two dozen total channels have been added.

As a part of the same announcement, CBS acting CEO Joe Ianniello said his company had also reached a deal with the UEFA European soccer league to stream all of their games on CBS All Access. These matches join a number of NFL and SEC college football games already on the service. The streaming platform seems to be gaining steam, posting its third-best month ever in September since launching 5 years ago.  And since a new deal with AT&T is on the horizon, things are only expected to keep growing.

Viacom purchased Pluto TV for in January of 2019 for $340 million, a move designed to change Viacom from a cable company to “a global multi-platform content company,” according to their CEO.