CBSN Coming to CBS All Access and Fubo TV

CBS All Access subscribers are finally getting an addition that most people thought would have been included in the beginning – CBSN, the network’s 24/7  live news station.

The announcement came down this week that all subscribers to CBS All Access would be able to stream the network live from their computers starting Thursday. Support for smart TVs, mobile devices, and streaming sticks/boxes would be coming this fall.

While this addition alone certainly isn’t a deal-maker, it’s a nice thing to have on the $6 a month service ($10 without ads). It’s probably no coincidence though, that it’s being added to All Access at the same time it’s being added to fuboTV as well. You can imagine that All Access subscribers wouldn’t have been too happy with another service getting a network they don’t even have.

This will be the first time that CBSN is available on a video distribution service, meaning the line between “traditional” cable and newer offerings like Sling, DIRECTV NOW and Fubo is getting more blurry.

The Chief Digital Officer of CBS, Jim Lanzone, said that CBSN adds “tremendous value for subscribers, giving them the ability to tune into the latest breaking news and in-depth reporting all within one streaming experience.”

This isn’t the first time news is coming to All Access (it has live TV from affiliates and news programs like CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, and CBS This Morning,  but it is the first dedicated network.

CBSN debuted in 2014, and was a success by virtually any metric. Streams of CBS News were up almost 40% percent in the second quarter compared with the same time the previous year. The streaming service is currently available on, Roku and Apple players, mobile apps, Chromecast, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and Fire TV.

This move comes just prior to the debut of the flagship CBS All Access exclusive Star Trek: Discovery on Sept. 24.