‘Chelsea’ Sets Season Two Premier Date, Switches To Weekly Format

Chelsa Handler’s Netflix talk show is switching things up a little for season two, moving to a one hour show once a week instead of the Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays half hour format used for the fist season.

The host made the announcement in a short video where she also revealed the premier date for the second season of Chelsa – Friday, April 14. The second season of the show is scheduled to run for 30 weeks like the first season. That means the total hours of content in the season will drop from 45 to just 30.

The second season of Chelsea will likely bring more of a trend that came about towards the end of the first season – more pieces from out in the field instead of a studio desk, and more long form, pre-taped bits. Along with Handler’s addition time outside of the studio, viewers can expect to see more in-depth interviews with guests.

Likely figuring into Netflix’s decision was data that revealed many viewers watched a week’s worth of Chelsea episodes in one sitting anyway (usually on Friday nights). Of course, just setting up production one time probably saves the studio a good bit of money too.

The once weekly format isn’t entirely new territory for talk show, with John Oliver and Samantha Bee recently making the switch, and even Conan O’ Brien reportedly talking about doing the same.