Classic ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episodes Headed to Amazon Video

The TV theme song that sent chills down the spines of a generation of kids is heading back to television. Classic episodes of NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries will be heading to Amazon Video.

The show featured strange stories of the paranormal, other unexplained events, and strange crimes through (often pretty cheesy) witness testimony and dramatic recreations, but was most well known for the opening with host Robert Stack walking through fog while wearing a trench coat, backed by a creepy theme song.

Episodes of a revival that ran for several years are already available on Amazon, but this will be the first time the classic version will be streaming. An exact date for release of the old episodes hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s expected to be fairly soon.

The original show ran for about 10 years, from 1987 to 1997, and will hit Amazon Prime thanks to a deal with distributor FilmRise, which purchased the rights to a number of Robert Stack shows along with several other TV shows from the era.

Even though the show disappeared from the air many years ago, the web site is still surprisingly active. New mysteries are still being listed, with a space for people to submit their own.