Sling TV Cloud DVR Arrives on iOS, Windows 10 and AirTV Player devices

Sing TV subscribers, you just got a lot more freedom with your DVR. The streaming television company announced today that customers with iPhones, iPads and Windows 10 devices can set and manage their recordings.

In addition, Sling just launched Cloud DVR for the AirTV Player, giving viewers more control than ever over how and when they watch TV. Users can even set a DVR timer or finish watching a previously recorded episode straight from their device.

It was just last week that Sling unveiled new DVR upgrades, so it’s nice to see the company paying attention to one of its most important features.

The inclusion of Apple and Windows devices means Sling TV‘s Cloud DVR now works with Amazon Fire TVs and tablets, Android devices, Roku streaming boxes and TVs, and the Xbox One.

Sling customers who aren’t signed up for the Cloud DVR option can take advantage of it for just $5 a month. That gets 50 hours of DVR storage to record shows and movies and then watch them anytime. It’s worth mentioning though, that DVR is not available on all channels.

And beyond the upgraded DVR compatibility, Sling rolled out a new user interface on AirTV Player with some interesting new features. AirTV/Sling users now have:

  • A customized local channels ribbon that allows them to remove local channels they don’t watch
  • “What’s On” tiles that shows what’s currently airing, including any local channels picked up by the OTA antenna in the guide
  • A recall button on the AirTV Player remote that brings up the last five channels watched
  • A new mini guide that lets users browse through all available live content without having missing a second of the show that’s currently on. The new guide takes up a significantly smaller space, is much faster, and allows for filtering by genre and browsing by channel. It even gives preview of what’s coming up next and how long until the next show begins