Comcast “All You Can Watch” Weekend (April 3 to April 9) Includes Unlimited Netflix

If you’re a Comcast subscriber with an Xfinity X1 box, pay attention, because you’ve got some free streaming coming your way. April 3 to April 9 marks the company’s fifth “Xfinity Watchathon Week,” and this time around, Netflix is included.

The binge-watching event gives Xfinity customers unlimited access to thousands of shows and movies, including over 50 cable, broacast, and premium subscription networks regardless of the plan they’re signed up for.

“We know consumers love to binge watch new shows and old favorites, and this is the biggest binge-watching event of the year with so many networks involved,” said Netflix global head of business development, Bill Holmes. “Whether customers are eager to start Stranger Things or catch up on Orange is the New Black, Watchathon Week is a great time for Xfinity customers to see for themselves what the buzz is all about.”

The Netflix/Comcast pairing might seem a little odd if you consider the two companies to be competitors. But the two companies are now almost collaborators of sorts. It’s entirely plausible, the companies say, that given the low price of a Netflix subscription, that people can be a customer of both companies.

For Comcast, the hope is that customers get a taste of the premium channels they’re missing out on, and that they’ll eventually sign up for a more expensive TV package. And for Netflix, this is a chance to reach thousands of customers who otherwise wouldn’t consider the service before.

The event is a pretty big one for Comcast. Last year, during the Xfinity TV “Watchathon Week,” customers watched over 70 million hours of content they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. And that number was up 10% from the year before. The number of people viewing on mobile is skyrocketing too, with the 2016 event seeing a 40% uptick on mobile streaming.

The inclusion of Netflix is certainly an interesting one, but it just goes to show how much the cable industry has changed.